My Silhouette

I can see clearly myself at the top yesterday, smile, shiny face, wise, and unbreakable, but…
Less than a minute, yes… Less than minute, it just like I was hit by a flashbang, getting shocked off. And feels like I can read every single moment right now.

I lose my creativity.
I lose my idealism.
I lose my sense of humour.
I lose my mind.
I lose smile inside.
I lose my spirit.
I lose myself.

Confused, that is the feeling I feel right now, and I just… Can’t understand all of this. Maybe this is my first time being desperate, don’t know what to do, just like a programmed robot.
My problem doesn’t mean I prepare nothing before, no..I have prepared if this thing will happened someday. But, I’m just not ready for this…

Yes… Because of..

This is my silhouette.

* Sorry for my bad English.

© Sandikovsky