The Secret of Woman

This is embarrass me to write this note, but… I just want to explain something we (man) possibly can’t realized till now about woman.

Maybe you’ve heard a phrase like this, “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secret’s” on Titanic’s Movie. Yes, woman are one of God’s creation that has many secrets.

But, some women also don’t understanding us, a men. It’s difficult to guess what’s on woman’s heart, and what women can’t understand is, why should we (man) should understand them? Besides, they even don’t know how deep their own heart’s, yes, I’m not Romy Rafael who can read people’s mind easily.

All of us can do is just, think positive…

Don’t ever we judge him, her, or them, bad..!! Because we all have our own problems, and we all have our own reasons why we do such a thing that can shape people’s perspective into bad or good. Once again, just try to think positive.

So what’s the point of this note?

You know, I just can’t understand this all, you can call me stupid, innocent, too nice, or whatever you name it. All I can do is just to think positive, think positive, and think positive. Yes, maybe I’m too innocent of this story.

There’s no point of this note, but…

…. it’s difficult to me to understand woman’s heart.

* Sorry for my bad English.

© Sandikovsky