Spinning Carousel

Have you feel that something in your life just not the way it is? It happens, again, and when you think it’s over, but it happens again, just like a curse, but it’s not.. It’s just.. Life..

Life such an art, it’s complex, fun, but bad think happens sometimes. Until finally you realized that all you can do is the best for yourself, work harder, pray obviously, dream limitless, & get more.. No matter someone come and leave from your life, you still do the best think with your best rules.

Just don’t expect anyone & anything to much, the higher you fly, the more pain you get when you fall. I don’t tell about being numb, but..

Just do the best for yourself, it’s good.. Making your own ready when the “time” has come someday..
Life is just like a book, I write my last chapter, together, with someone who deserved with.

Sandikovsky, Aug 05th 2016